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Friday, 14 November 2014

Clan Gunn history site -

I very much appreciate the numbers of people from all over the world who use this site for finding Clan Gunn information - use the search area at the bottom of the above green heading area to check the material here. But people should also see for all the information from this site and more recent information.

I am really interested in analysing the academic base of Clan Gunn including
  • Clan Gunn history
  • Clan Gunn Snaekoll Gunn 
  • Clan Gunn chiefs
  • Clan Gunn origin
  • Clan Gunn heritage
  • Clan Gunn St Donan 
  • Clan Gunn Kildonan
  • Clan Gunn Crowner / Coroner
  • Clan Gunn Orkney Islands descent myth
  • Clan Gunn Viking descent myth
  • Clan Gunn Norse descent myth
  • Clan Gunn Westford Knight Myth - I mean that's seriously poor archaeology
  • The non-existent Clan Gunn Chiefs before the Crowner
  • Clan Gunn genealogy
  • Clan Gunn Highland Clearances
  • Clan Gunn 1800s
  • Clan Gunn motto
  • Clan Gunn crest badge
  • Clan Gunn Coat of Arms
  • Clan Gunn Lord Lyon
  • Clan Gunn Tartan
  • Clan Gunn Societies 
  • Clan Gunn diaspora
  • Clan Gunn sociology
  • And much more about Clan Gunn
I have written one short book about Clan Gunn history - see Key Issues for a Clan Gunn History and am writing a full Clan Gunn history (and with no support from any Clan Gunn Society as they are strong supporters of Clan Gunn myths as history). 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New home page on

Thought I'd mention that I have been working on improving the look and efficiency of  especially the Home page.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Aeneas James Gunn (Australia) on the Edinburgh Gunn family trees

I have discussed - and used - the Clan Gunn Edinburgh family trees here as they had not been fully detailed in Clan Gunn histories before.

I have added further information relating to them - a letter by Aeneas James Gunn (whose wife wrote the Australian classic 'We of the Never Never'). See

Clan Gunn blog; 22,500 + hits

I entered the following on 31 August -

Clan Gunn blog; 20,000 + hits

The hits and audience for this blog show something tangible about the Scottish diaspora, especially to those with a Clan Gunn interest. (The 8 June 2014 figures for 17,500 hits are in brackets.) The top five countries are -
  1. USA - 5371 (4824)
  2. UK - 3938 (3017)
  3. Canada - 3629 (3509)
  4. Australia - 1529 (1322)
  5. Germany - 1158 (963)

But on 15 October 2014 this Clan Gunn blog went through the 22,500 hits barrier. So it took roughly eleven weeks to go from 17,500 to 20,000 hits but roughly six weeks to add on the next 2,500 hits. The top five countries are exactly the same - and in the same order - as in August.

The website which evolved from this site, namely  has the following for the top six  countries -
  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. New Zealand
  6. Germany