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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Clan Gunn blog; 20,000 + hits

The hits and audience for this blog show something tangible about the Scottish diaspora, especially to those with a Clan Gunn interest. (The 8 June 2014 figures for 17,500 hits are in brackets.) The top five countries are -
  1. USA - 5,371 (4824)
  2. UK - 3938 (3017)
  3. Canada - 3629 (3509)
  4. Australia - 1529 (1322)
  5. Germany - 1158 (963)
The main change is that Canada, which was second, has changed places with the UK.  The USA dominance in Clan Gunn issues is obvious.


And don't forget to go to for all the new information I am adding. The blog page is - recent entries have included discussion on the Scottish Independence referendum, the Clan Gunn tartan, the origin of Clan Gunn and the Clan Gunn's Orkney islands origin myth.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Snorri Sturluson and Snaekoll Gunn; more on Gunn non-descent from the Orkney islands

I thought I would repeat a point I have made on as it is important-

The example of Snorri Sturluson

The renowned and well-born Icelandic poet and historian  Snorri Sturluson, whose Háttatal is all about Duke Sculi and King Hákon, supported Duke Sculi in the late 1230s rebellion. Snorri Sturluson was later put to death by the King’s emissary in Iceland in 1241 for this behaviour.  This execution of Snorri Sturluson again suggests that it would be extremely unlikely for King Hákon to have pardoned Snaekollr Gunnison / Snaekoll Gunnisson / Snaekoll Gunn and then sent him back to various castles and lands in Scotland as suggested by traditional Gunn history. 

If the King killed one well-known person who supported the rebellion against his rule then it is extremely unlikely that he honoured a different rebel.

The death of Snorri Sturluson does not quite prove that Snaekoll Gunn was killed in Norway but it adds another layer of probability to the idea that he never returned to Scotland. If so, the supposed Clan Gunn chiefs have no link to the Orkney islands whatsoever; I do try to find academic support for the idea but it just isn't there.

Repetition of a belief (that Gunn chiefs descend from the Orkney Islands) does not convert a belief into a  fact.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Clan Gunn pinterest and recent updates

For my Clan Gunn Pinterest site see

additions 17 June 2014

  • J. Gunn Nottingham and England cricketer 1923
  • Gordon Gunn, Scottish painter
  • 'Gunn Despatch' fantasy stamps of Allan Taylor (USA)  post 1864
23 June
It is quite clear from Lord Lyon that Clans can not be armigerous. Given, as well, that the Clan Gunn has never had a Chief recognised by Lord Lyon the Clan Gunn crest badge and motto has no legal standing  - see

24 June - and on blog 
The Australians celebrate Bannockburn - it doesn't need Clan scoieties to maintian Scottish heritage:

Clan Gunn blog; 17,500+ hits

For those interested in knowing who visits this site I think it reasonable to post  every increase of 2,500 hits. So, given  the blog has today gone through the 17,500 barrier I thought people would like to know the top five -

  1. USA - 4824 
  2. Canada - 3509
  3. UK  - 3017
  4. Australia - 1322
  5. aeq. Germany and Russia - both  on 963
next - New Zealand.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014