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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Key issues for a Clan Gunn history - libraries, Orkney islands

I just thought I would mention that I have donated copies of my Key issues for a Clan Gunn history to the Orkney Islands library service - a copy is meant to be available from the Kirkwall library and the other will be at Stromness library. For other places of public access of the text see

Clan Gunn origin; a little more support for the Pict idea

It may yet be possible to throw further light on the possibility that the Gunns are a remnant of the Picts...'

Page 43, Ian Grimble, Chief of Mackay, 1993 edition

As I have often discussed, the Gunns do not have an Orkney / Norse / Viking origin but are far more likely to be part of the original Pictish inhabitants of Sutherland / Caithness / Strathnaver.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Clan Gunn Convention result

The Convention passed a motion requesting Lord Lyon to make the Commander Chief. I obviously disagreed with the motion.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Clan Gunn Society International Gathering 2015 Kirkwall; Earl Henry Sinclair's fictitious trip

Clan Gunn Society members are shortly to be at Kirkwall to celebrate the supposed origin of  the Clan Gunn from the Orkney Islands. I suggest when they arrive they go to the Kirkwall museum opposite the cathedral. When there they should visit the shop and buy a copy of the 'New Orkney Antiquarian Journal volume 2'. They have about six copies for sale. It has a magnificent demolition of the Earl Henry Sinclair fictitious trip to America and the ridiculous Clan Gunn Westford knight idea. See pages 2 to 18.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lord Lyon and potential Clan Gunn Chief issues

Maclean of Ardgour v. Maclean 1941 S.C. 613:
" From an allowance of proof the Court excluded all questions relating to the chieftainship and the relative positions of the parties within the clan, holding that neither chiefship of a whole clan nor chieftainship of a branch of a clan was a legal status justiciable in a court of law, but had the character of a social dignity only, and, accordingly, that the Lord Lyon had no jurisdiction to decide the disputed question of who had right to the chieftainship either directly or incidentally when disposing of the claims for supporters and for a birthbrief. [..] Observations: [...] on the meaning of "chief" and "chieftain" in the law and practice of arms, with opinion by the Lord Justice-Clerk that in the recorded cases in which a Lord Lyon had made a declaration of chiefship the declaration had been merely a ministerial act and not a finding in his judicial capacity upon a disputed question."

Lord Justice-Clerk, in Maclean of Ardgour v. Maclean 1941 S.C. at p. 636:
"There is no instance in the registers of any judicial decision by Lyon in a disputed question of chiefship or chieftainship…. In none of the writs which were before us can I find any support for a conclusion that Lyon at any time either claimed, or exercised, a jurisdiction to determine disputes as to which of competing claimants to chiefship or chieftainship was to be preferred."

Lord Wark, in Maclean of Ardgour v. Maclean 1941 S.C. at p. 657:
"I agree with your Lordships that Lyon has no jurisdiction to entertain a substantive declarator of chiefship of a Highland clan, or of chieftainship of a branch of a clan. [...] The question of chiefship of a Highland clan, or chieftainship of a branch of a clan, is not in itself, in my opinion, a matter which involves any interest which the law can recognise.